We are excited to announce that the TLOS token now forms part of the TSwaps.com USD swaps pool. This creates a clean conversion path between TLOS and wrapped USDT and EOSDT. The solution employs an innovative combination of a low price slippage USD pool with a conventional swap pool for TLOS-TOLSD conversions to deliver an optimised conversion experience for all supported tokens.

USD Stable swap pool

About the USD swap pool

The USD swaps pool is a low price slippage pool designed to allow swaps between popular USD stable coins, even with moderate liquidity depth. The price received in a token is set by…

The USD Swaps system brings wrapped USD stable tokens to the Telos Blockchain. It also a new USD stable token and a liquidity token. This article explains the purpose of these new tokens.

Telos USD Swaps user interface

Telos Swaps offers token swaps similar to Bancor or Uniswaps. This approach works well when token values are expected to be independent. It, however, does not work well when the assets in the swap pool are expected to be of similar value (as in the case with USD stable coins). This problem is solved using low price slippage converters such as those found in Curve.fi. The USD…

This article is a step by step guide on how to get started with Telos Swaps. It is intended to make it simple for anybody who has never used the Telos blockchain to explore Telos Swaps. If you don’t find the answers you are looking for here please join our Telegram channel on https://t.me/tswaps.

1. Create a Telos account

The Telos blockchain uses named accounts. You cannot use the blockchain until you create an account. Visit telos.net (https://explore.telos.net/create-account) to create your account.

You can verify that your account was created successfully by visiting the Bloks block explorer (https://telos.bloks.io) …

Telos swaps uses wrapped EOS, USDT, EOSDT and BNT from the EOS blockchain to create swap pools which will add value to the Telos blockchain. The TLOS/EOS pool is likely to be the largest and most actively used pool on Telos Swaps. This document explains how to use the TLOSD cross chain bridge to send tokens between EOS and Telos.

Sending EOS tokens to Telos

The tswaps.com website currently doesn’t support sending tokens from EOS to Telos. In the meantime you can send tokens to Telos using the wallet option in Bloks.io (https://bloks.io/wallet/transfer). Send tokens using the following options;

Send to : telosd.io

Amount …

Today Telos Swaps becomes a full featured DeFi platform with the launch of TSwaps.com (https://tswaps.com). Features include;

  • Telos token swaps
  • Transaction mining rewards
  • Liquidity pools with staking with yield farming
  • Low slippage USD stable coin swaps
  • Wrapped EOS tokens and cross chain bridge
  • Governance and reward token

Telos token swaps

Telos token swaps allow for the exchange of any listed Telos token for any other Telos token using a simple swap interface. Users are shown an estimated result for the conversion before they execute the swap. Once initiated, an instant swap between the tokens takes place. …

Telos Swaps

The first DeFi project on the Telos Blockchain offering token swaps, wrapped tokens and across chain bridge

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