The USD Swaps system brings wrapped USD stable tokens to the Telos Blockchain. It also a new USD stable token and a liquidity token. This article explains the purpose of these new tokens.

Telos USD Swaps user interface

Telos Swaps offers token swaps similar to Bancor or Uniswaps. This approach works well when token values…

Today Telos Swaps becomes a full featured DeFi platform with the launch of ( Features include;

  • Telos token swaps
  • Transaction mining rewards
  • Liquidity pools with staking with yield farming
  • Low slippage USD stable coin swaps
  • Wrapped EOS tokens and cross chain bridge
  • Governance and reward token

Telos token swaps

Telos token swaps…

Telos Swaps

The first DeFi project on the Telos Blockchain offering token swaps, wrapped tokens and across chain bridge

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