Self-listing on Telos Swaps

  1. Navigate to the liquidity page of T-Swaps and login.
  2. Select your tokens.
  3. Specify the initial liquidity and press Create Pool.

Before you start

  • Enough tokens of each pair in your wallet to set the initial price of the pool correctly.
  • 500 SWAP tokens payable on pool creation. This is a commitment fee to discourage spam tokens from being listed.

Step 1 — Login

Step 2 — Select your tokens

  • Press the ‘Select a token’ button shown in the image above.
  • A menu will appear that is pre-populated with a list of supported tokens. If your token appears in the list, you can choose it and proceed to the next step. Otherwise, add a new token to the list by pressing the underlined text (below, left image).
  • This will expand a section for inputting the required contract and ticker information (below, right image). Press add and pick the new token from the list.

Step 3 — Create the pair

That’s it!



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Telos Swaps

Telos Swaps

The first DeFi project on the Telos Blockchain offering token swaps, wrapped tokens and across chain bridge