TLOS added to USD swaps pool

We are excited to announce that the TLOS token now forms part of the USD swaps pool. This creates a clean conversion path between TLOS and wrapped USDT and EOSDT. The solution employs an innovative combination of a low price slippage USD pool with a conventional swap pool for TLOS-TOLSD conversions to deliver an optimised conversion experience for all supported tokens.

USD Stable swap pool

About the USD swap pool

The USD swaps pool is a low price slippage pool designed to allow swaps between popular USD stable coins, even with moderate liquidity depth. The price received in a token is set by the relative size of the liquidity pools. The low price slippage pool uses an amplifier to increase the effective size of the liquidity pools on the converter. The USD swap pool employs an amplifier of 40x.

USD swap pool tokens

The supports the following wrapped tokens (both tokens use the bridge between Telos and EOS);

In addition to these wrapped tokens, the USD swaps pool introduces two new tokens;

Advantages of this implementation

The alternative to this solution would be to have two swap pools (USDT-TLOS and EOSDT-TLOS).

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