Using the TLOSD cross chain bridge

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2 min readOct 30, 2020

Telos swaps uses wrapped EOS, USDT, EOSDT and BNT from the EOS blockchain to create swap pools which will add value to the Telos blockchain. The TLOS/EOS pool is likely to be the largest and most actively used pool on Telos Swaps. This document explains how to use the TLOSD cross chain bridge to send tokens between EOS and Telos.

Sending EOS tokens to Telos

The website currently doesn’t support sending tokens from EOS to Telos. In the meantime you can send tokens to Telos using the wallet option in ( Send tokens using the following options;

Send to :

Amount : whatever quantity of tokens you would like to send to Telos

Memo : your Telos account name@telos

Sending EOS to Telos blockchain

Once the transaction has been submitted the transfer will take approximately 3 minutes to complete. You can monitor the progress by visiting the bridge contracts;

on EOS :

on Telos :

Note : please verify that you enter your Telos account@telos correctly.

Sending EOS wrapped tokens from Telos to EOS

The Telos Swaps platform supports transferring EOS wrapped tokens to the EOS blockchain. To transfer from Telos to EOS do the following;

  • Select the X-Chain transfer tab
  • Choose the token you plan to transfer by clicking on the “ACTIONS” button
  • Enter the amount you would like to transfer.
  • Enter your EOS account name in the recipient field.
  • Press “TRANSFER” to initiate the cross chain transfer

Supported tokens

You can currently use the TLOSD bridge to send the following EOS tokens (token contract and minimum quantity) between EOS and Telos.

  • EOS (eosio.token, minimum 0.2500 EOS)
  • USDT (tethertether, minimum 1.0000 USDT)
  • EOSDT (eosdtsttoken, minimum 1.000000000 EOSDT)
  • BNT (bntbntbntbnt, minimum 0.2500000000 BNT)

Note : A number of USDT tokens exist on EOS. Be sure to verify that the token contract is tethertether when you purchase USDT.



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